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Hussler$ Passion is where you feel comfortable in sharing your point of views on Older Women, Younger Men Relationships. Times have change and experience women are having good relationship with men that are younger than they are. There is nothing wrong with such a relationship but then again one have to consider the fact that most persons have ulterior motive when going in a relationship. Set your mind free and make sure he loves you and he is the one.

This means our advice to you is completely based on what's best for you.

Our team of talented professionals is committed to building lifelong relationships with clients based on honesty, prompt service and results.

Find out if your partner is genuine or he wants your money!


  • Telephone Tips
  • Councelling
  • Detective Work
  • Finding Your Match
  • Testing Him


  • Does he Love you?
  • Has he introduce you to his friends?
  • Does he take you out?
  • Does he bring You Flowers
  • Does he call?
  • Does he take You to his place?
  • Do you Take Care of him?
  • Does he ask you for things?
  • Does he work?

We at Hussler$ Passion would be delighted in making you feel comfortable in your relationship. Deal with your insecurities get everything out in the open and make your relationship last longer. Find out if it Love or Money!

Please call us for a no-obligation introductory consultation!


Call Us @ 788-3283

older woman, younger man

Husslers Passion